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Bird Removal

Birds nesting or roosting in the wrong place is a common issue for both homes and businesses. When we receive your call about birds in an unwanted place, we will come out to assess the problem and immediately implement an effective solution. Pigeons, woodpeckers, and other birds can cause damage by nesting, perching, or roosting under a building’s eaves, in gutters, on roofs or porches, and under solar panels. If your home or business is struggling with unwanted birds, give us a call! 


    Keep the Birds Away for Good

    We offer both residential and commercial bird pest control. Some of the bird-proofing solutions we use include:

    • Nest removal
    • Bird gel 
    • Bird spikes
    • Bird trapping 
    • Bird netting
    • Wire mesh around solar panels

    Bird gel is a clear gel applied to places birds like to land to prevent them from landing there. This is one of the most common solutions we use. Bird spikes can also be installed to prevent birds from landing in unwanted areas. Bird trapping and bird netting help with bird removal, and adding wire mesh around solar panels prevents birds from nesting underneath them.



    Bee, Wasp, and Yellow Jacket Removal

    Whether you have a problem with a bee hive, bee swarm, or a wasp or yellow jacket infestation, we are here to help! We first remove the nest or hive, then spray the area with chemicals designed to make sure the pests don’t come back.


    Cockroach and Bed Bug Removal

    Farewell Birds & Pest Solutions also offers pest control for cockroaches and bed bugs. 

    Cockroaches are typically found in kitchens, and with Farewell Birds & Pest Solutions’ cockroach treatment, you don’t need to worry about taking everything out of your cupboards! We eliminate these pests by sealing any cracks in the walls where they may be entering your home, then applying bait. This bait has an inhibitor in it that keeps the cockroaches from reproducing. We will return after the initial treatment to evaluate the situation and apply more bait if necessary. 

    Farewell Birds & Pest Control makes bed bug removal easy. There is minimal preparation required on your end, and the treatment we provide is so effective that it almost always allows you to avoid repeat treatments. You will see the results from our bed bug removal process within 7-10 days, and we provide a 90-day guarantee that your home will remain free of the bugs. If you have bed bugs to get rid of, contact us today!


    Wildlife Removal

    Farewell Birds & Pest Control quickly removes pesky wildlife like raccoons, foxes, squirrels, mice, rats, and snakes from your property. We also seal any entry points these animals may be using so that they don’t come back. 

    Raccoons often get into attics, foxes can decide to live underneath your patio, squirrels enter your home or business through the roof, mice and rats can be found throughout the building, and snakes can show up both inside and outside.



    About Farewell Birds and Pest Solutions

    Farewell Birds & Pest Solutions provides quick and effective pest control around Colorado. We offer bird, bee, wasp, yellow jacket, cockroach, bed bug, and wildlife removal services. With over five years of experience, Eric is your best choice for high quality pest control. Call us at 720-999-8595, or email us at eric@farewellbirdsandpests.com today to get started! 


    The Chemicals We Use

    We understand that it is important to take care of the environment, as well as the people and pets on your property. This is why we use chemicals that are not harmful to anything other than the pests you are trying to get rid of. If you prefer, we can preorder organic chemicals to use for your service at an additional cost.



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