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About Farewell Birds and Pest Solutions

Get rid of those obnoxious pests with one of the best pest control companies in Colorado. We serve Westminster, the Denver Metro Area, Longmont, Boulder, Lafayette, Lakewood and any other city nearby. We specialize in bird removal for residential homes and commercial buildings. At any sight of a wasp or yellowjacket, call us! If birds a leaving an unwanted amount of feces all over your property call us! (720) 999-8595 If a raccoon or squirrel makes its way into your home and you need it gone fast, we can help you today.

Pest Control Chemicals

The Chemicals We Use for Pest Control

When we send you an invoice, you will get a list of all the pest control chemicals we used on that invoice. It’s actually a requirement by law, so if you don’t get this information from your pest control, call us. 

If you want us to use an organic pesticide, please request that we do so and we will get it for you ahead of time for an additional cost.  

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