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What pest control does to the animal

Wildlife Animal Removal

Raccoons and squirrels can get into your attic. Skunks can go under your patios. It’s all a trouble we will take care of for you, quickly and efficiently. In any pesky case, we have two options, either relocate the animal or put it down. We will leave what we do with the animal up to you, as long as the solution is a legal one and we aren’t tied to an obligation with one way or the other.

The Pest Control Process

Raccoons Removal

When it comes to raccoons, we can relocate the raccoons up to 2 miles because they carry diseases and we don’t want to spread the disease all over the place to different areas and infect areas that don’t have it. The authorities want us to contain the disease to a certain area.

We will complete a full building inspection for entries along with the attic. 


Pest Control Process

Fox Removal

When a fox comes and inhabits under your patio, we set up a trap and use bait to get them into it. A fox is so hard to catch, that saying “a sly fox” is so true. They are so fast! Fox are a big concern because they carry rabies, mange and several other diseases. We use the same methods on fox that we do on squirrels and raccoons. We usually need your help to check the trap the morning after we set it to see if the fox went into it.

The Pest Control Process

Squirrel Removal

First, we come out and inspect your whole roof for any other possible entrances than the obvious one that it is getting into. We then set up a trap. After catching the squirrel, we may relocate it to a better-suited home.

Pest Control Process

Mouse & Rat Removal

The setup of the house will determine where we set up our bait stations. We use the traditional mouse traps you heard of and seen before.  

Pest Control Process

Snake Removal

Usually, with rattlesnakes, which are mostly found in the foothills area, we come out and get the snake. We setup blue boards to capture any snakes. Typically, you will find these in your garage or property. We’ll catch the snake with a snake stick or tongs and then put it into a big barrel. We take the barrel into the field and then let them go. We might also just put it down. If necessary, we might use a preventative powder around some of the house structure to keep the snakes away. This powder is a nuisance because of its smell and made up of natural ingredients. It’s very unpleasant to the snakes, and to us it smells like a mothball smell with peppermint. It’s entirely but isn’t overbearing. It’s also completely safe for you and your family.

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